Speaker Presentation

John Eyres – Cold Calling Strategy Specialist

Presents The art and science of COLD CALLING

Part One – Creating Quality Leads Lists

John Eyres

  • Set criteria for the calls
  • Define the goals for your calls
  • List sources, research sources and lead sources
  • Create your matrix-understand your numbers
  • Manage your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System

Part Two – Creating Your Script

  • Pre-call research
  • Script development  and mastering your script
  • Study 4-5 sample scripts in depth
  • Establish your company 5 Specific Selling Differentiators (SSDs)
  • Leaving VM messages – Use your 5 SSDs


John Eyres

Part Three – Cold Calling Techniques

  • Preparation is key
  • Create your calling environment-tips for having an edge on the competition
  • Know “who” you are calling
  • Psyche of Cold Calling
  • Do not sell-listen and interpret/inform and educate/involve and coordinate
  • Questions and handling 5 standard “prospect objections”
  • Be aware of the 7 C’s

Presentation includes an 17-page workbook, this is an “interactive audience participation” program.

Call JOHN EYRES today to share this knowledge with your sales team, dismiss the fear of being on the phone, open the doors to increased sales meetings and higher sales volume.

314-495-2089 www.busconcon.com

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