John Eyres

Let BCC do telemarketing, teleprospecting, and cold calling for your company for as little as four hours per week. So many companies need to do more calling, but just don’t have the TIME! Or they cannot afford to hire a dedicated sales person. But they can afford to hire BCC. We do the tough, hard cold calling that really makes a difference.

• Our talented team members have skillsets in phone calling, personally trained by John Eyres.

• We like talking to people and we like helping other companies succeed! Our success is in your success.

• Our calling voices come across with a smile, our caring/concerned/very courteous approach makes a difference!

• We add contacts to your pipeline BCC can assist your team to increase sales

• We generate an uptick in revenue.

If you have BCC do the consistent 4 hours of calling each week, it will bring in new business for yourcompany.

One of the most cost effective sales tools is telemarketing….done by a caring professional…..done by BCC!

John Eyres

Call us today to call for you tomorrow!

To discuss telemarketing business connection solutions,

call John Eyres

at 314-495-2089

Email: johneyres@busconcon.com

BCC flyer – click to view or download to print

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