Telemarketing Services

Lead Generation – BCC works to help with business to business and business to consumer appointment setting. Let us be your outsourced telemarketing partner to help your sales people generate more zoom calls and meetings, to close business once they get in the door.

Customer Surveys – Surveys taken in person are vital; because we act as a third party
caller; and get honest and genuine responses from the client. Happy customers are
promoters, a key to repeat business and referrals. Surveys help build customer loyalty
and strengthen your brand.

Trade Show Follow-Up – After you man that booth for 72 hours, why not get additional
results from follow up calling. Whether you have business cards, reply respondents,
surveys from the show, by adding the follow up calls, you create additional sales
opportunities. The worst thing to happen is for these hot leads to become stale leads.

Email Blast Follow-Up – After you send out emails let BCC follow up with phone calls
and voice mail messages to continue multiple hits to the prospects.

Call us today to call for you tomorrow!

To discuss telemarketing business connection solutions,

call John Eyres

at 314-495-2089


BCC flyer – click to view or download to print


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