Here’s what they’re saying about John Eyres and BCC

We hired Business Connections Consulting recently to assist us with a Cold Calling campaign.  Although I was personally skeptical that this type of campaign could assist us I was pleasantly surprised with the professionalism and the results we achieve through their efforts.  We have several more campaigns planned for them to do for us.  Well Done!

James Canada, Managing Partner/President, Alliance Technologies, LLC

My experience with Business Connection Consulting was very positive. My expectations were high.  Everything ran like clockwork.  They delivered on all of the commitments that they made, including sticking to the agreed upon timetable.  They helped me develop my strategy and my script, a call plan, and followed up with detailed information about what worked and what we needed to ‘fine tune’.  I have a very high degree of confidence in John Eyres team and recommend them highly.

Bill Prenatt, Co-owner, Simply Successful

Our small company turned to Business Connections Consulting to help us keep a steady flow of prospects for our project-based business allowing us to do more “work” and less prospecting. We worked with John, a true professional in the industry, who repeatedly sent us qualified leads resulting in real business for our company. As a result, we have built a stronger client base and maintained cash flow in our competitive industry. Thanks Business Connections Consulting for helping us take our business to the next level!

Laura Reed, Partner, Cork Tree Creative, Inc.

John is a valuable extension of our small staff.  He enables me to make the best use of my time, talking directly with prospects one-to-one.  He promotes me and my company in a way that is convincing and flattering.  His ability to connect with people on the phone and get appointments is amazing.  We could not do what we do without John!

Dana S. Hines,  President & CEO,  Membership Consultants

Business Connections Consulting has been a great partnership and addition to the sales & marketing strategies at Conference Technologies, Inc.  John and his team are great to work with and professional on all levels. BCC has played a big role in our client acquisition strategies for targeted markets as well as assisting our internal review process with a customer service calling strategy. This relationship has been a successful and cost effective strategy that has led to an increase in business and revenue.

John Laughlin, President, Conference Technologies Inc.

As “The Database Diva,” my database is my most important business asset. But sometimes it’s hard to keep up with sales follow ups the way we should to close every bit of business we can.

That’s where John’s company comes in. My team is able to focus on high-value prospects while John shakes the bushes for our next round of hot prospects.

He is reliable, professional with our contacts and he gets above-average results by phone. In fact, I’m certain we wouldn’t have the success he has booking qualified appointments for our sales team! I highly recommend his service.

Lori Feldman, The Database Diva

John Eyres did a fantastic job as our May luncheon speaker at the Fenton Area Chamber of Commerce. He shared some great tips on how to overcome the fear of cold calling and the key pieces you need to know to be successful with it. I loved that he shared examples of scripts rather than just the components of them. I believe this helped our members really grasp what a call should sound like and will help our members be more efficient and successful with their cold calling efforts. Thank you John!

Lori St. Clair, President,  President,  Fenton Chamber of Commerce

I want you to know how pleased we’ve been with the work you’ve done to help us raise awareness of the “Un-Suggestion System” with our target market. The number of presentation opportunities you’ve set up is quite impressive – far more than we had been able to do on our own. Several of those prospects also have commented on how cordial and professional you were when you spoke with them. You’re a great representative for our firm.

Les Landes, President, Landes & Associates

John has dialed lists we provide him for us now for nine months, and has turned up accounts that are perfect for what we do.  He really focuses on getting to the client pain, and has done an excellent job both reaching decision makers and arranging follow up sales calls for my team.  The ROI on his services is running over 200% for our company!

Don G., VP Sales, Technology Company

John is a true professional in the telemarketing industry.  He takes the time to get to know your business and your goals and customizes his approach to working with your prospects.  Most importantly, he delivers results!

Geoff Poli, Strategic Partner, Bottom Line Experts

Making first contact with a prospect is an art — John is indeed an artist.  Even with the right message to the right person at the right time, it takes a real expert to make the connection.  John’s service provides real value for our clients.

George Guernsey, Director, Insight Mapping

I have worked with many callers, and I say without hesitation that John is the finest caller with
whom I have ever worked. Considering the incredible number of calls he makes, the number of
appointments that he sets and his professionalism in communicating results there is no better
option for outsourced lead generation. If you have the opportunity to work with John, be
prepared to open up your schedule as you will be attending a lot of meetings.

Jim Park Jr., President, Park and Company Insurance

“US Endovascular partnered with John Eyres at Business Connections Consulting over a year
ago and the results have been measurable.  As a medical device distributor competing against
the largest medical device companies in the US, incorporating a focused telemarketing plan has
been critical.  BCC has become an integral part of our overall marketing strategy allowing our
organization to professionally and efficiently engage current customers and new prospects.”

John S. McCurdyPresident, US Endovascular

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  1. john mccurdy says:

    John is a complete professional. Very experienced in telemarketing and his calling has translated into multiple opportunities. John is and integral part of our communication strategy moving forward. John S. McCurdy, President US Endovascular.

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