Cold Calling is not DEAD, YOU just want it to be!

Telemarketing for new business is alive and kicking. It is one of the 4 cornerstones for creating new business. If you’re not making calls for prospecting for new customers, then what are you doing?

Most people just hate cold calling, it’s like making the dreaded trip to the dentist. BUT…if you want your business to succeed, you have to be on the phone…making cold calls!

Define the Script

First step is to create a successful script – key ingredient to a solid telemarketing program. After company name and person intro; begin with a strong open statement that defines your business model, and what really differentiates your company from the competition.

List your services as bullet points; easy to read and easy for the listener on the other end of phone to understand your strengths.

Ask a question to get the participant involved in the conversation. Then clarify the purpose for the call – to set a meeting to introduce your products/services, rolling right into which day next week works for you Tuesday or Thursday?

Be Pleasant and Smile on the Phone

Always be super friendly and courteous on the phone. Have favorite vacation pictures around the computer/phone area, to FEEL happy and relaxed on the phone.

Practice the script over and over and be familiar in reading/sharing your story, so it doesn’t sound like a canned presentation. Call friends to practice your script telling.

Be AWARE of Your Calling Goals

Remember, the telemarketing is a means to an end. Your calling will generate new business introductions, which means more sales, which means more dollars to your bottom line. Draw a goal chart to have at your desk; with X amount of calls, relates to X amount of meetings, that translates to X amount of deal closings, that means X amount of dollars in your pocket.

While other companies are cutting back, a most cost effective way to keep on track…is telemarketing, for new prospects! Maintaining efforts to keep your company name in front of potential clients, especially in slow times, will help your business come out stronger and with a “gained” market share above the competition as the economy returns.

John Eyres works with business owners/entrepreneurs who want to stay ahead of their competition. He can be reached at or 314-495-2089.

LIST OF BCC Services

• Telemarketing/cold calling

• Setting up meetings

• Email campaign follow up

• Lead generation

• Customer surveys

• Direct marketing follow up

• Trade show follow up

• Database clean-up & scrubbing

• Secret shopper calling (Intelligence gathering)

• Confirmation calls

• Announce grand opening/special events

• Financial/insurance evening calling

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  1. Rob Haller says:

    I really like your website and enjoy your creative and effective communication tools.
    Many thanks, Rob

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