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Know your Sales Calling Matrix

Understand your telemarketing numbers.  If you don’t know them, you don’t have sales goals in place, nor a plan for the hours of phone calling you need to commit to each week in order to meet them. For example – … Continue reading

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Effective Customer Surveys

How happy are your customers? Remember that old saying that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers! It really is true, that happy clients are your best promoters! They are the people that give you more business … Continue reading

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Overcoming selling objectives.

St Louis Telemarketing – Overcoming selling objectives. John Eyres 314-495-2089

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Why is COLD CALLING so hard?

Many people I talk to don’t care to make cold calls to get new business.  For many it is a fear factor or they just don’t like to be told “NO” when asking for a meeting. When you do phone … Continue reading

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Cold Calling is not DEAD, YOU just want it to be!

Telemarketing for new business is alive and kicking. It is one of the 4 cornerstones for creating new business. If you’re not making calls for prospecting for new customers, then what are you doing? Most people just hate cold calling, … Continue reading

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