Why is COLD CALLING so hard?

Many people I talk to don’t care to make cold calls to get new business.  For many it is a fear factor or they just don’t like to be told “NO” when asking for a meeting.

When you do phone calling for meetings or phone conferences, you need to have one thing in mind; does that prospect want to meet with you to know more about the product or services you provide?  If not, then just make the next call and move on.

Not everyone will want to meet with you.  That’s OK.  You are telemarketing to find ones that say “Yes”.  Why not have the mindset you’re going to make 100 calls to find the 5-10 prospects that will set the meeting?  Make it simple, don’t make it hard.  Keep up the perseverance.

I remember a story about Jack Nicklaus, one of the greatest golfers of all time.  In the 1960s at the peak of his game Nicklaus earned $400,000 on the PGA tour.  There was another golfer Bob Charles on the same PGA tour that earned $40,000.  As a professional he wasn’t as successful as Jack, with the difference of about 10 fold in income.

The surprising factor was the difference in their respective per round stroke average was less than half a stroke.  Yes, the greatest golfer of his time and a very good golfer were less than half a stroke apart.

In sales and cold calling, everything you do effects your quota numbers for closing deals. Forget the fear factor and frustration level and just make the calls.  Even making an extra 20 calls per day can yield that one more sale in your weekly numbers!

Set a goal to WIN more sales.  Come in first, not second, or third or fifth.  How much commission do you earn when you come in second or fourth?  Bob Charles still got paid his $40,000, even if he came in second, fifth or tenth.  Telemarketing starts the process.

It leads to face to face meetings, that initiate proposals, which conclude in sales that make you money.  Pick up the phone, start dialing for dollars and smile while you do that!


John Eyres works with business owners/sales people who want to stay ahead of their competition.  His workbook The Art and Science of COLD CALLING teaches 3 key principles for a solid calling program; 1. Defining and making quality lead lists. 2. Creating your script. 3. Cold calling tips/strategies/techniques.  He can be reached at johneyres@busconcon.com or 314-495-2089.  www.busconcon.com

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