Know your Sales Calling Matrix

Understand your telemarketing numbers.  If you don’t know them, you don’t have sales goals in place, nor a plan for the hours of phone calling you need to commit to each week in order to meet them.

For example – if your goal is to set up 8 meetings per week that results in 4 sales/proposals each week your calling matrix might look like this:

Goal: 8 meetings per week = Actual 4 closed sales
which means
Reaching and TALKING to 30+ people
which takes
Making 100+ calls (dials) as a goal
which translates in time to
1 hour making 25 calls; 2 hours for 50 calls/day

Now, YOU try it…

Goal:_______ meetings per week = Actual____ closing’s per month
which means
Reaching and talking to _____ people live
which takes
Making ____ calls (dials) as a weekly goal
which translates in time to
_____ hours making ____calls OR ____ hours = ____ calls/day.

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